Serious Skin Care is exactly that -- Serious!

As a woman in my early 50s, my skin has begun to experience many changes, much to my chagrin. Because I adore products and try as many as I can to fit my skin's needs, this site is about the products I've grown to appreciate.

Many of these products are recommended by experience; if I have tried a product then I will tell you. Other products are presented because I trust the brand. If there's something you'd like me to test for you, please fill out the form under "Contact Us." I will and tell you about it right here!

Meanwhile, it's the holiday season, so the items you'll see here or more oriented to gift lowerfaceSSCideas for you.

Please enjoy the site; we're so happy you're here!

The skin, as an organ, thins as we age and the sun, toxicity and free radicals damage skin without care.
In this site, you’ll find my favorite products to take care of a variety of needs.
I am a product freak! I have tried at least 50 different skincare lines for the face during my lifetime, and I continue to seek the best one with the best results. The unfortunate thing is that I get used to a line and then it’s discontinued. Off I go to hunt for another product!
The items here are for basic and general needs. I hope you will find some of these recommendations useful. If you like some of the products, please be sure to drop a note in the contact form on this site (contact us).
If you’d like me to review a product you like, please let us know and I will try it.
Again, let me reiterate…I’m not a clinician, physician, dermatologist, esthetician, or other health provider. I’m merely a woman who has spent thousands of dollars over 25 years buying products for serious skin care.

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